About The Guide

Hello, my name is Paul Burdick and welcome to The Guide. For my entire life I have loved and explored the outdoors. Everything from tromping through creeks as a child to climbing the mountains of the North Cascades as an adult. Whenever I get a chance, I am climbing mountains, running trails, kayaking in the San Juans, biking on hilly roads, or hiking in the Columbia Gorge. Nature is my passion.

I would often spend an hour online searching for all the information I needed before a trip; everything from weather reports to topographical maps to gear lists. After a few years of repeating the same work, I started building my own documents for my favorite trips and sharing them with friends. During a multi-day backcountry trip this past winter, it occurred to me that I should start sharing this knowledge and experience online via a dedicated website. Welcome to The Guide.

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