About The Guide

Hello, my name is Paul Burdick and welcome to The Guide. For my entire life I have loved and explored the outdoors. Everything from tromping through creeks in the forest as a child to climbing the mountains of the North Cascades as an adult. Whenever I get a chance to be outside, I am climbing mountains, doing trail runs in the forest, kayaking in the San Juans, biking on the hilly roads around the Pacific Northwest, or hiking trails in the Columbia Gorge. Nature is my passion.

I would often spend an hour online searching for all the information I need before a trip; everything from weather reports to topographical maps to gear lists. After a few years of repeating the same work, I started building my own documents for my favorite trips and sharing them with friends. During a multi-day backcountry trip this past winter, it occurred to me that I should start sharing this knowledge and experience online via a dedicated website. Welcome to The Guide.

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